What is Mx3?

Mx3.ch is a music platform set up by SRF3, Virus, Couleur3, Rete3 and Radio Rumantsch. It gives musicians the opportunity to present their music to the five radio production teams involved, not to mention the rest of the world. What's more, fans, event organisers and record labels can sign up to the site and search for Swiss artists and Swiss music. Mx3 is visited by an average of well over 100,000 people every month.

Why Mx3?

MM for Music, 3 for SRF3, Couleur3, RETE3 and the fact that throughout SRG, 3 stands for youth. X represents the cross on the Swiss flag, of course!

Who can register with Mx3.ch?

All Swiss bands and bands resident in Switzerland can register for the "bands" pages; users, record labels, clubs and festivals worldwide for the other pages. Partner accounts are subject to the approval of Mx3.ch.

How do I register?

Click on "connect" at the top right of the home page, or on "your space" in the menu at the top, or on "register as an artist" at the top of the centre-right column. Follow the instructions, depending on whether you are a band, a user, a club/festival or a record label. Then all you need do is fill in the registration form as shown.

What is Mx3 radio?

That's what's so great about Mx3.ch: your own tailor-made radio station which plays music in accordance with your instructions. You want to listen to all types of music broadcast by the radio stations involved? Listen only to French-Swiss hip hop, or techno sung in German? Hear all the rock groups in your region? You can configure your jukebox the way you want, and discover new groups.

How do I set the parameters for my Mx3 radio?

Using the "configure" link which appears on the top right of the player. Then tick (or remove) the categories you want to select and click on "play".

What does the "ON AIR" label mean?

It is given by at least one of the five radio stations and means that the track you are listening to is also being broadcast on air. The logo of the radio station concerned appears in the "single" box on the band’s page.

Why an external player?

QWhat can be more frustrating than trying to listen to a group and finding the music stops when you click to another page?! The external Mx3 player enables you to explore the whole Mx3 site without the music stopping, unless you want it to.

Do I need to deactivate Pop-ups?

Yes. If you want to take full advantage of Mx3.ch, the anti-pop-up filter could well slow you down. You can deactivate it without risk because Mx3 is a non-commercial site and has no interest in bombarding you with unwelcome advertising. For greater security, set the parameters for your anti-pop-up filter by deactivating it solely for Mx3. Then you are protected the moment you click on a link external to Mx3.ch.

Why have an account/login?

To take full advantage of everything Mx3.ch has to offer If you want to communicate: When you leave a comment on a page, groups and other users can come back to your personal page and post a reply. If you want to play/perform: It is the best way to make and stay in contact with groups, fans, record labels, clubs and festivals. If you want to have fun: An Mx3 account enables you to create playlists, arrange to meet at concerts and speak with your favourite groups. For professionals: It is a way of being in direct contact with artists and fans, booking concerts and signing contracts.

What does an Mx3 account cost?

An entry on Mx3.ch costs nothing at all - it is completely free ...

How do I sell my music on Mx3?

Mx3 does everything to ensure that artists make the maximum profit from their compositions.
If your music is already for sale on line, all you need do is enter your URL (e.g. ) in the attributes" part of the "my singles" section of your account. The word “Buy” will then be displayed beside your single and during playback.
If you do not have a sale address, the internet offers a wealth of tried-and-tested options.

How do I get my track on "It’s Hot Today"?

Each day an intelligent bio-ionic selection system selects an Mx3 group for special exposure. It could well be you, so come and have a look!

What does "Flag this content" mean?

This link is there to report content which does not comply with our terms of use. If you want make a report, you have to give the reason for your report, as well as a working e-mail address. A link will then be sent to the e-mail address you give. Once you have clicked on the link, Mx3 receives a report and the link appears in red.

What do I have to do to be featured by one of the radio stations on Mx3?

Ask a band which has made it.
Or you could read this book (in German): "The KLF. Das Handbuch. Der schnelle Weg zum Nr. 1 Hit"
Alternatively, listen to the radio station and programme that you want to be a part of, and think about whether or not you are a good fit.

How do "playlists", "concerts" and "my community" work?

Like any other Mx3 user with an account, you can select titles on Mx3 and arrange them into different playlists to suit your personal tastes. Beside each single on the group page, or on the player, click on "add to playlist". The single is then stored in your personal sound archive and you can organise your collection and sort the titles by simply dragging and dropping them into the playlists you have created in "your space".
The same applies to concerts: click on "add to my concerts". If you want to enlarge your community, your request must be approved by the person or group you want to add. This will be done by return of e-mail.

What do I have to do to be marked "On Air"?

Pieces of music which appear in bold and have the "On Air" flag are actually being played on the radio. These songs are picked out by music producers. The criteria you have to fulfil to be played on the radio vary from station to station. Please see also: What do I have to do to be featured by one of the radio stations on Mx3?

How do I set up an account as a musician or band?

Go to "your space" and click on the link that says "register as an artist". Enter all of the necessary information, and confirm what you have written. You can now fill in the content.

How do I change my category, for example from "pop" to "electro"?

If you want to change your "category", just go to your own account page, log in and change the category that appears under "category" in the "my band"/ section.

What is the SUISA list?

Whenever a band performs on a Swiss stage, the event organiser must send a list of the songs they play to SUISA.
This list can now be filled out on Mx3.ch, and event organisers who are registered with Mx3.ch can get it straight from the website.
This means that artists and event organisers alike have much less administrative work to do.

How do I as an artist get to appear at a club or festival?

Before the advent of Mx3.ch, you had to go to the trouble of sending CDs, artwork, printed bios and other material by post. You not only had to pay postage - it also meant a lot of effort.
The "showcase band" function makes it much easier. First of all, the band needs an Mx3.ch account containing some content. You then can lodge a permanent link - which also includes other necessary details - with an event organiser.
Once you have filled everything in and sent it off, the club or festival organisers can listen to your music and accept or reject you.


Technical Solutions


What formats can I use to upload my pictures and music?

Pictures: JPEG (RGB), 80x80
Music: mp3, 44.1 khz , 16 Bit
Many converters will turn your music into mp3 format. In most cases, you won't even have to buy any new software. For example, one of the most common packages immediately converts music into mp3 format when you import it.

What content can I upload?

For copyright reasons, you may only upload your own content to Mx3. Please refer to our terms of use

Is my music download-protected?

As long as you leave the "free download" button set to "no" when you upload your music, it cannot simply be downloaded again.

I want to change the order of my songs...

If you want to change the order of your songs, you must first log in. Go to "my songs" and click on "change order". Then you can just drag and drop to change the order.

Is Mx3 compatible with all browsers?

Yes and it's compatible with Windows, MacOSX and Linux operating systems but the website has been created and optimised for Firefox and Chrome. Some functions cannot be guaranteed with Safari or Opera.

Unfortunately, I haven't found the answer to my question among these FAQs. How do I get in touch with you?

The best way is by e-mail.